Collection: Sauna care

A treated sauna wood finish ensures longevity, simplifies cleaning, and maintains a neat appearance. We also choose Tikkurila products for our sauna construction projects to guarantee the best results.

Sauna protection with Tikkurila

  • Why do we recommend treating sauna wood?

    • Sauna will maintain its "fresh" appearance for longer.
    • Tikkurila products form a protective layer on wood surfaces, shielding them from moisture and dirt.
    • Treated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain.
  • How to choose the right Tikkurila products?

    • Oil: soaks into the wood and creates a protective layer that repels water and dirt. The oil coating requires more frequent renewal.
    • Wax: effectively absorbs into the wood, creates a protective layer against moisture and dirt, gives the wood a naturally beautiful and silky surface. The wax coating needs less frequent renewal.

Renewing sauna benches


With cleaning agent Supi Saunapesu.

Turn on the heater or heat up the sauna to open the pores of the wood.


With protective oil Supi Laudesuoja or wax Supi Saunavaha.

When the benches are dry, apply paraffin oil or wax with a sponge or brush. The product will fill the pores of the wood, creating a protective layer against moisture and dirt.

Tikkurila products for sauna

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