Each sauna heater model is available in different power rating (kW).

Each power rating is suitable for a specific sauna size (m3).

Find out the exact size of your sauna according to our instructions in order to find the right power heater for your sauna.

  • ✅ heater suitable for the sauna size:

    • reduced consumption of resources (electricity or firewood);
    • extended service life of the heater;
    • enhanced enjoyment of the sauna ritual!
  • ❌ heater unsuitable for the sauna size:

    • the heater will be unable to effectively heat the sauna room;
    • the stones will fail to reach the desired temperature for maintaining heat;
    • the longevity of the heater will be significantly reduced.


  • 1. Measure your sauna room

  • 2. Calculate all non-insulated surfaces

  • 3. Calculate the total volume of sauna

  • 4. Find a suitable power heater

1. Measure your sauna room

Room length x width x ceiling height = room volume (m³)

For example: Sauna room size: 1.5 x 2.0 x 2.1 = 6.3 m³

2. Calculate all non-insulated surfaces

Any surface that is not insulated, such as tile/stone wall, glass wall, window, door, is a loss. If this is not taken into account in the calculation, the selection of the heater power may be incorrect.

The m² of each non-insulated surface must be multiplied by 1.5.

For example: glass wall (2 m²) + glass door (1.33 m²) + tiled wall behind the oven (1 m²) = 4.33 m²

Uninsulated surfaces in the room: 4.33 x 1.5 = 6.5 m³

3. Calculate the total volume of sauna

Total calculations No. 1 (size of sauna room) + No. 2 (non-insulated surfaces) = total volume (m³)

For example: 6.3 + 6.5 = 12.8 m³

4. Find a suitable power heater

Each sauna heater model corresponds to a specific room volume (m³) and power (kW). The appropriate heater for the sauna room is selected according to the calculated volume of the sauna room.

If the room calculation is on the limit, it is better to choose a more powerful heater.

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Do you want us to do the calculations for you? Send us the dimensions of your sauna!