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Hele Glass Single

Hele Glass Single

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Hele Glass Single is an octagon shaped panoramic sauna that has won the prestigious Red Dot award. It fits up to 7 people and is designed to enrich and amplify the surrounding environment.

You can adjust the sauna to your liking by choosing:

interior design (aspen or thermo alder),
◾ electric or wood-fired heater.

One option includes the HUUM Hive Mini electric sauna heater, which boasts an extra-large stone capacity. The shape of the stones allows water to reach the bottom stones and evaporate gradually, creating a gentle sauna steam.

The other option features the Cozy wood-fired stove with a sauna stone capacity of 120 kg.

Unique design, for a unique sauna experience 🖤

reddot winner 2022

Interior options

Choose between two interior options: Premium or Luxury. Both of the interior options come in two colors: light (aspen) or dark (thermo alder).

Sauna heater

Hele Glass Single set includes: electric heater HUUM Hive Mini 10.5 kW with stones, connected to UKU Local control panel or wood-fired stove Cozy Heat with stones.

Additional options

Juniper ceiling + €1,012 (with VAT)

Control panel UKU Wi-Fi Glass + €370 (incl. VAT)


Delivery from the manufacturer's warehouse up to 2 months.

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Hele Glass Single mirror sauna can be viewed in our showroom at Duntes street 7, Riga. Our demo sauna is up and running, so stop by and see it in action!

  • Standard

    The standard interior charms with its simple but elegant sauna bench design.

    Interior: aspen or thermo alder

    Capacity: 2-7 people

    Stove: electric or wood-fired

  • Luxury

    The standing platform and each of the seven seats are formed by converging rays which have been cut precisely with CNC. The seats are tied together by a detail of 8-layer lamination which is custom hand-bent.

    Interior: aspen or thermo alder

    Capacity: 2-7 people

    Heater: electric

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  • Wood-fired: HIVE HEAT 12 kW

    An efficient wood-burning stove with a well-thought-out design and efficient wood burning process. It will be the right choice for those who like the live fire flame and the crackling of wood in the fireplace.

  • Electric heater: HIVE MINI 10.5 kW

    A modern electric heater with a modern design. The large stone capacity of 150 kg ensures a persistent and particularly gentle sauna steam. Choose this heater if you want to turn on the sauna remotely.

    Learn more about the heater 
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  • Setting up a mirror sauna is simple and hassle-free. It can be relocated using heavy machinery, lifted from above using roof hooks, or with a mini-forklift, lifting the sauna from below.

  • We provide support in land preparation, as well as delivery and installation logistics, so you can enjoy your new sauna without any worries. All you have to do is find the right place in your yard to place the sauna.

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Facade / double glazed mirrorglass

Structure / Cross-Laminated Timber Panels (CLT)

Glulam posts / thermo pine

Interior / aspen or thermo alder

Lighting / indoor and outdoor waterproof IP65 LED strips

Heater / HUUM Hive Mini or Cozy Heat

Dimensions / 2.3 x 2.3 x 2.5 m

6 support legs

It can be lifted from above using roof hooks, or with a mini-forklift, lifting the sauna from below.

In the case of an electric heater, the sauna has mechanical forced ventilation, while in the case of a wood-fired stove, natural ventilation.

2 year warranty.