HUUM – design, innovation and sustainability

These are the words that describe the values ​​of the Estonian manufacturer HUUM. Since 2013, HUUM has been offering electric and wood-burning sauna stoves, manufactured right here in neighboring Estonia.

HUUM's roots stretch back 3 generations, combining Estonian sauna construction know-how with modern design and innovative technologies.

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Sauna control with UKU

HUUM provides a better sauna experience by offering traditional sauna through innovation. HUUM was the first to connect the sauna heater to the Internet (Wi-Fi).

The innovative control panel UKU and HUUM mobile app with just a few clicks from your phone, allows you to heat your sauna before you even get home.

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DROP – the first design heater

In search of a more efficient sauna heater design, in 2012 HUUM developed its first electric sauna heater DROP, whose design was inspired by a water drop.

The DROP sauna heater stands out with its unique round shape and construction that maximizes sauna stones for gentle, long-lasting steam, ultimately receiving the internationally recognized Red Dot product design award in 2015 for its eye-catching design and masterful craftsmanship.

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  • Easy to use

  • Innovative technologies

  • Soft steam

  • Award winning Ddesign

  • Safety & control

  • 5 years warranty

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Experience HUUM sauna in Latvia

Glamping Tērvete

"Vidiņi", Tērvetes novads, Latvija

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Ragnar Glamp

Kūkini, Pitrags, Latvija

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Two black cabins

Maija iela, Pabaži, Latvija

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Guest house "Kārkli" 

"Kārkli", Kandavas novads, Latvija

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Guest house "Ausekļi"

Ausekļi, Kaltene, Latvija

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HUUM – love of sauna