Control panel UKU

UKU is a control panel that allows you to regulate HUUM electric sauna heaters, as well as heaters from other manufacturers. It can be mounted on the wall outside the sauna or inside the sauna room itself.

With this innovative control panel, you can turn on the heater from anywhere in the world using the HUUM mobile app!

How to choose UKU?


An excellent option for saunas in areas with Wi-Fi coverage, such as homes, offices, or accommodations. With this system, you can heat your sauna using the control panel on-site or from your mobile phone, no matter where you are at the moment.


Perfect if your sauna is in an area without Wi-Fi coverage, but you still want to control it from your phone. It’s ideal for cottages or country houses that are not in use all year round.

UKU Local

Perfect if you prefer to heat your sauna on the spot or don’t have a network connection in your location.

UKU variants and prices

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