Quality and unique design from Finland

Tulikivi is the world's largest soapstone producer. All Tulikivi products are made in Finland from the highest quality natural stone, which is mined right there in the Tulikivi quarries. Tulikivi owns 70% of European soapstone deposits.

Pirts ar Tulikivi NAAVA elektrisko krāsni

Unique soapstone

Soapstone is a 100% natural stone that makes each Tulikivi product unique. Nature has given soapstone unique properties to withstand the harsh northern environment - it can withstand both extreme heat and freezing cold.

The basic substances that make up soapstone are talc and magnesium in almost equal proportions. It also contains chlorites and minerals, the best known of which is magnetite.

Tulikivi malkas pirts krāsns HILE

Tulikivi - Sensation of Northern Warmth

The stone obtained in the Tulikivi quarries is processed, and later it is used to make heaters and tiles. The Tulikivi range includes both wood-burning and electric sauna heaters. The interior of the lounge and sauna can be enhanced with modern soapstone tiles, which are available in various variations and shades.

The story of Tulikivi