Respecting forest since 1993

O'Wood by Ošukalns is a powerful team of timber processing professionals with respect for nature and its power. They pay close attention to detail in every product they make.


O'Wood offers a quality range of products for you to build the well-being oasis of your dreams for body and soul. Among the timber produced in Latvia, you will also find a wide range of sauna accessories made from wood harvested in Latvian forests.


Finishing boards are a great way to personalize and improve the interior of a room. Create original ceilings or walls in your lounge area or living room. With finishing materials of different colors and profiles, there are no limits to your creativity.


TERMO-treated exterior wall paneling boards serve as a great material for outdoor spaces, facades and terraces. The design and practical properties of the termo-treated material ensure the sustainability and visual uniqueness of your chosen outdoor design.

Thermally modified wood reacts to UV radiation and changes color from rich brown to silver grey. The brown tone can be preserved by treating the surface with toned UV protection materials.


An elegant terrace by the house or in the garden opens an extra dimension to your senses, both leisurely enjoying a holiday morning breakfast and celebrating life at a garden party with relatives and friends. Termo-treated decking boards will be the best choice for the construction of your terrace.

Explore the range of O'Wood by Ošukalns products in our showroom at Duntes street 7, Riga.

To create the best timber products that will serve reliably and for a long time, technology is not enough. To get the best out of the forest, you have to respect the forest.

You have to be like the forest.

Green, trustworthy, and patient.