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Woodio products are crafted from 100% waterproof Woodio® composite material.

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Woodio® material is a 100% waterproof wood composite. This signature biomaterial innovation is made from wood chips and resin-based adhesive. It is the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite designed to replace ceramic and stone materials – sustainably. 


The significant difference is the almost carbon-neutral production method of the material, which as an environmentally friendly alternative significantly reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions. The material is completely waterproof, impact resistant and environmentally friendly. It also acts as a carbon sink during its service life. Woodio material can be utilized as energy waste when it reaches the end of its life cycle.


Woodio is proudly a Finnish company. Every product is manufactured sustainably. Every step counts in reducing the carbon footprint, and this principle extends also throughout the supply chain – from raw material sourcing to logistics.


All Woodio products have a 5-year warranty.

"We do beautiful, sustainable, and timeless design because we are Finnish, and we like all things sustainable – also in our design."


Uz virsmas uzliekamā izlietne Woodio Soft40 vannas istabā


Woodio washbasin collection includes 17 different washbasin designs ranging from classic tabletop and recessed washbasins to functional wall hung and integrated models.

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Vanna Woodio Flow vannas istabā


Woodio Flow freestanding bathtub is true bathroom centerpiece, and it is sure to create some relaxing spa vibes at home.

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Tualetes pods Woodio Block pie sienas vannasistabā


Woodio wall-mounted Block toilet seat is a great option for those who appreciate durable, timeless, and stylish practicality.

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Woodio Wall dekoratīvie sienas paneļi


Woodio Wall interior panel is made for modern interior designers and DIY lovers. Woodio Wall decorative panel gives interior surfaces a stone-like impression without the burden of stone, allowing you to create unique visual décor from traditional to contemporary interiors.

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  • Blossom

    Available for all Woodio products

  • Mud

    Available for all Woodio products

  • Linen

    Available for all Woodio products

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Inspired by the wild Nordic nature, Woodio products are available in a wide color palette.

  • Natural (2mm)

  • Polar

  • Clay

  • Berry

  • Root

  • Moss

  • Stone

  • Arctic

  • Char

  • Natural (6mm)

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Woodio is a Finnish modern-day interior and design brand that brings together the best of Nordic design traditions and the use of sustainable bio-material innovation in a contemporary way.