Bring the northern forest breeze and the invigorating scent of herbal flowers into your sauna.

  • Natural ingredients

    Our products are free from artificial colourants, synthetic fragrances, parabens or sulfates. All products are produced in Northern Europe and packed in recyclable packaging.

  • Scents of nature

    All of our products carry the scents northern forests, meadows and flowers, so you can feel closer to nature.

  • For body & soul

    Our products are crafted to offer you the finest care for both your body and soul. The essential oils will set the mood for the sauna ritual, while the body care line will indulge and rejuvenate the body after sauna.

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Nordic cosmetics

Natural essential oils will create unique atmospheres, enriching the sauna experience with the scents of forest plants and citruses. Meanwhile, our body care line will gently cleanse and moisturize the body, face and hair after the sauna ritual 🌼