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Aspen DAVIS 15×150

Aspen DAVIS 15×150

58.00 € / m2

Finishing board from aspen, 150 mm wide.

These boards are made of the highest quality aspen obtained in Latvia, intended for both sauna and indoor decoration.

Create a unique interior in a sauna, lounge or living room!

Use: for walls, ceilings

Board length: 1.8-3 meters.

Class: A

Made in Latvia 🇱🇻


15×150 mm, covering width: 141 mm

Pcs per pack

6 boards


Wood panels are available by order only. Delivery time is 1 week if the products are in stock at the manufacturer's warehouse.

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Why use wood in your interior?


wood is a natural, renewable material, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to non-renewable alternatives.


timber is available in various natural shades and profiles, allowing you to create a unique and personalized interior. Wood also adds warmth and coziness to the space.


high-quality wood materials contribute sophistication and elegance to the interior.

Natural Aroma

wood has a long-lasting, natural aroma that creates a relaxing and pleasant environment.

How to treat wood?

The wooden finish can be installed in both saunas and wet rooms without treatment. If you want to protect wooden surfaces, use specially designed Tikkurila products. Keep in mind that protective agents can change the tone of the finish, making the texture of the wood more expressive and the tone brighter.

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