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The shape, size and composition of sauna stones, as well as how they are arranged in the stove, has profound influence on the sauna experience. The interplay of water and stones regulates the sauna's temperature and humidity levels, shaping the overall ambiance.

Olivine-diabase sauna stones, available in two sizes, are durable and have excellent heat retention. The rounded shape of the stones allows water to reach the bottom stones and evaporate gradually, creating a gentle sauna steam.

Choose sauna stones wisely for an unforgettable experience!


Leave sufficient gaps for air movement between the sauna stones, and don’t place stones too tightly around the heating elements. Placement of sauna stones significantly affects the quality of the steam. In order to fill the whole space of the sauna heater properly, combine smaller and larger stones.


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Discover and buy sauna stones in our showroom on Duntes iela 7, Riga.

How many stones do you need?

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DROP (4.5, 6, 9 kW)

55 kg (5-10 cm), 4 boxes

HIVE MINI (6, 9, 10.5 kW)

With air tunnel 150 kg (5-10 cm), 10 boxes

Without air tunnel 170 kg (5-10 cm), 11 boxes

HIVE (12, 15, 18 kW)

With air tunnel 255 kg (5-10 cm), 17 boxes

Without air tunnel 270 kg (5-10 cm), 18 boxes


60 kg (3-5 cm), 4 boxes

CLIFF (6, 9, 10.5 kW)

75 kg (3-5 cm), 5 boxes


60 kg (3-5 cm), 4 boxes

STEEL (6, 9, 10.5 kW)

150 kg (3-5 cm), 10 boxes

CORE (6, 9, 10.5 kW)

45 kg (5-10 cm), 3 boxes


90 kg (5-10 cm), 6 boxes

HIVE WOOD (17, 17 LS kW)

130 kg (5-10 cm), 9 boxes

HIVE HEAT (12, 12 LS kW)

90 kg (5-10 cm), 6 boxes

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